A basic introduction to SPSS

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مقدمة عن الإحصاء واستخدام برنامج SPSS

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مقدمة في الإحصاء واستخدام برنامج SPSS

A basic introduction to SPSS

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A basic introduction to SPSS

The presenter

My name is Hamis Mugendawala. I am soon finalising my PhD at the University of Southampton. I did my first Masters in Economics of education (University of London), and my second masters in Finance and Accounting. I have taught statistics and quantitative methods and research methods for postgraduate students. My current study uses advanced quantitative methods like Multilevel Models, Structural Equation models, Rasch Models among others.

I am proficient in using SPSS, MLwin, Mplus, AMOS, and to some extent Stata.

What we intend to cover

A basic introduction to SPSS

Introduction: SPSS is one of the most commonly used statistical packages that help us perform basic and sometimes advanced statistics

It is user-friendly compared other packages.

I will be covering issues to do with:

1 - how to launch SPSS program,

2 - how to type data in SPSS

3 - how to open an existing document in SPSS

4 - how to import data from other formats like excel into SPSS

5 - the commonly used analytical features on SPSS

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